French Lessons by teacher from France, in Melbourne, FL and in Orlando, FL, in person and via Skype.


Learn to speak French from a native and highly experienced French teacher from France!!!

I will teach you in person in Melbourne, FL, Indialantic, FL, Orlando, FL or using Skype.

My mission for beginners:

  1. -Teaching you French using a method of questions and answers allowing you to have a conversation with me on our second lesson.

  2. -Our first lesson will be to concentrate on learning the right accent and pronunciation.

  3. -My promise is that it will be easy and challenging at the same time.

My mission for intermediate and advanced students:

  1. -Mixing the essentials of grammar with every day conversations, making you fluent and grammatically correct.

  2. -My promise to you is that learning grammar will seem easy.


- I am a French teacher from FRANCE, the best for you!

- 20 years experience in teaching French.

  1. -No strict rules like in other schools.

  2. -If you have to miss a class, just let me know, I won’t charge you for the missed lesson. (other schools do)

  3. -Have a lesson when you can!  We decide together weekly when you want a lesson according to your schedule. It is so easy, so cool! Nothing or nowhere else like it, and so effective!

  4. -Private lessons for one student.

  5. -Semi private lessons for 2 students.

Lessons for everyone:

  1. -For children, teenagers, adults and seniors.

  2. -For one parent and one child learning together.

  3. -For students who are learning through a virtual school or at a regular school. Students preparing for international baccalaureate, SAT French or someone wanting to immigrate to Canada.

  4. -For people wanting to travel to France or for businessmen wanting to impress.

- My current students could be my reference. I can ask them to call you if you would like me to.


Schedule a lesson with me now, there is no time better than the present.

Call or text Danyèle: (407) 968-0498


French Lessons in Melbourne FL, Orlando FL, in person or via SKYPE

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